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New design.

So.. Well.. I guess that was about time!

It turns out that building websites is difficult to make time for when you’re running a startup. But, with the quiet period in August (and, not to forget, some hours trying to get inspiration from the holiday house) we finally got around to publishing a major update.

  • We are now using (for those interested in the more technical side of things) WordPress, with the GeneratePress (Pro, big difference!) template and Elementor to build pages.
  • All images and artwork are in-house produces. All music in videos is ‘free to use’  music.
  • We have accounts on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube (ugh.. social media are So. Much. Work.)
  • 5 of our projects are on display, with 3 shown in ‘Use-Case Examples’. All of them have video, and one has the elusive ‘Stereoscopic 360’  format 


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