virtual reality.

We dare to say that the VR environments we deliver are quite different from anything you might have experienced before.

Of course, VR is only one of the formats in our toolbox. To learn about the others: here's a button for that.

the process.

Every experience we create is designed to fit the needs of the customer.

Following an intake meeting we usually make several proposals to fit timeline and budget. After agreeing on a project outline, we hold periodic progress sessions to ensure development is on track and the result is in line with expectations.

To ensure a smooth process, the lowest possible cost and the speediest delivery, we usea huge database of pre-made ingredients to populate an environment and make it 'come alive'. This is then combined with custom-made elements based on the project requirements to create a fully functional, interactive and dynamic virtual environment.

the tech.

Using the latest, cutting-edge technology both in hardware and software - as well as a unique combination of in-house developed tools - we set the bar of what's possible in terms of realism, immersion and visual quality.


The beauty of using VR at events is that it allows you to stand out from the croud. Be it a trade fair where it will generate a queue of a special event that you want to make into an unforgetable experience.

We offer a 'full-service' approach where we bring all equipment and personel needed, so you can focus on the business while we take care of the rest.

the setup.

For maximum effect we usually go for a 'standing-and-walk-around' setup. This gives the most possiblilites for immersion and interaction. Two screens are used to show the public what's happening, which enables engagement and will attract bystanders to the event.

a great

Adrenaline is a powerful drug.

Experience a brake test in front of your eyes, fly a delta wing over the facilities, stand atop a towering wind turbine.

We make sure to add something fun to a VR simulation, resulting in many happy faces.