interactive displays.

According to many (humbly including yours truly) our most innovative development yet.

Transform the way you present products by placing a 3D interactive display in public places (think retail floor, airport, mall), lean back and see how people's curiosity draws attention to your brand.

Interactive displays are only one of the formats in our toolbox. To learn about the others: here's a button for that.

shapes & sizes.

Our screens come in various sizes and install formats.

  • smaller (43 inchs) screens can be put on a low stand at a 30-45° angle, allowing for placement in the center of a space

  • larger (55/65 inch) are better mounted flush behind a (shop) window, on a wall or on a high stand at a 75-85° angle.
To the surprise of absolutely noone, we tend to think 'the larger the better'.

taking control.

Intuitive controls are essential for a customer-facing tool like this.

That's why we carefully studied existing touch-screen interactions (iPhone, Android, Maps) and used them as a base to create an easy to understand interface for larger screens.

visual tech.

We use the latest, cutting-edge graphics technology both in terms of hardware and software. Our own, unique combination of in-house developed tools allows us to set the bar of what's possible in terms of realism and visual quality.

coop mode.

For certain applications (think: real estate marketing suite) we let the views be managed by the agent on a tablet, with the results shown on the big screen.

At any time can the client the client can step in and take control. All it takes is a touch.