interactive streaming.

Get never-seen-before 3D quality on phones, tablets & laptops.

Rendered on powerful hardware "in the cloud" and streamed over the internet, this cutting-edge solution allow for complete interactive control from pretty much any device.

Interactive 3D streaming is only one of the formats in our toolbox. To learn about the others: here's a button for that.

cutting-edge visual tech.

We use the latest technology both in terms of hardware and software. Our own, unique combination of in-house developed tools allows us to set the bar of what's possible in terms of realism and visual quality.

coop mode.

For certain applications we enable 'dual user'. That way, two parties see the same app and can both control what to see.

This is useful for product (design) demonstrations or applications like real estate marketing.

taking control.

Intuitive controls are essential for a customer-facing tool like this.

That's why we carefully studied existing touch-screen interactions (iPhone, Android, Maps) and used them as a base to create an easy to understand interface for larger screens.

shapes & sizes.

Fully responsive UI that automatically adjusts to the requirements of the user:

  • streaming resolution and quality is set based on the screen size and available bandwidth
  • user interface elements are positioned based on aspect ratio, size and other elements

Regardless the shape and size of the user's device, the experience will always be optimal.

who is this for?

The availablity of photo-realistic, fully interactive virtual spaces, accessable from anywhere opens a world of possibilities.

Showcase designs, allow clients to discover, tweak and customize your product or real estate project.

Everything is shown in 3D, just as in the real world. A next step in the development of the web, more immersive and convincing than ever.