cardboard virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Videos are an easy and accessible way to show a virtual environment using only your phone.

Look in all directions and admire the designs in a video that is projected 360º around you.

Of course, cardboard vr is only one of the formats in our toolbox. To learn about the others: here's a button for that.

the gadget.

An original, inexpensive gift to hand out as part of your marketing strategy.

Personalized cardboard gadgets are fun to use and will keep attention on your brand long after the event is over.

What is Cardboard VR?

Based on an original idea by Google, Cardboard VR is a simple and compact foldable box with two built-in lenses.

Put a phone (Android or iPhone) inside the slot in front of the lenses and start watching VR Videos on YouTube – no separate software required. A QR-Code on the box takes the user directly to the right video – but there is a tonne of other content to explore!

dual use.

A 360° video can be used in a headset, but also without. Just play the video on a phone and point it in any direction to see what's there.

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Stereo vs. Mono video

For optimal effect on VR headset, a video should be “Stereoscopic“. Stereoscopic videos are designed to create a 3D effect by showing different images to each eye. This mimics the way our eyes perceive depth in the real world.

However, you don’t need a VR headset to enjoy 360º videos, as you can use your mobile phone or browser to explore panoramic scenes by actively looking around in all directions.