Samples from our portfolio

Retail: Digital Twins

We make Digital Twins of (almost) any imaginable product. They let the customer explore, discover and engage with a brand in a novel and playful way. Used on large touch screens at retail locations or at home. Expandable with Virtual Reality, 360° video and high quality renders.

Logistics in motion

Showing new warehousing concepts, architectural designs, trucking, equipment and logistics concepts using our touch screen interface or Interactive VR. 

Guaranteed to steal the show at (logistics) fairs around the world, with the limitless scale of a virtual world! 

This example project, designed for the fastest-growing logistics provider in Italy, was especially created to give all players a kick, showing an impressive trucking yard in the mountains of Alto Adige using a Delta Wing.

Real Estate: Immerse yourself

Buying off-plan real estate is challenging if you have nothing but paper (and perhaps a few rendered images) to rely on.

How about the complete building, placed in a city-scale context? See a project come alive both inside and outside. See furnished apartments, configure and select floorings, kitchens & fittings, explore the neighborhood and admire the from your (future) balcony.

The possibilities are incredible.

Retail: Dreams of a watchmaker

The beauty of virtual products is that they can be as large or small as you desire. Zoom in on the smallest details of a watch and find out how its elaborate mechanisms work.

Retail: Shine like a diamond

A notoriously difficult subject: gemstones. Showing our capabilities to achieve photorealistic quality even for such beautiful but challenging digital twins.

Although not easy to achieve even for static imaging (photo & video), our cutting-edge approach allows for real-time interaction with the subject.

La Grignetta Café

Serving as a showcase of how high-detail elements can be used in real-time Virtual Environments, “La Grignetta Café” combines warm interior, glass and wood furnishings with detailed furniture and many lighting elements

Like all our environments, it is suitable both for use in VR, Streaming 3D and touch-screen interfaces.

Innovation Factory

An elaborate renovation of a classic factory building. Focusing on high-tech elements as well as original furnishing choices, our ambition was to immerse the company leadership in the design despite the physical distance. 

We supported the project team using a mix of Virtual Reality, Real-Time Digital Design and eventually customized Google Cardboard as a gadget,  

Turbines for Taranto

For this project we created a virtual version of the coastline in Taranto, Italy, and allowed participants to experience the scale of 100m tall wind turbines.

The purpose was to get an intuitive understanding of the impact on the views from the city and the beach and how the wind turbines would impact the general environment.