Floating hand, fading to black


a new way to discover real estate

Floating hand, fading to black


a new way to discover real estate

a next-gen interactive experience

for viewing off-plan properties

as built and delivered

select your unit

search, see availability, filter on any requirement

explore layouts and features

fully furnished, amenities & cross section

an eye-popping impression

in a city-scale context

see what's near, feel the vibe, understand the benfits

Disruptive, Trailblazing Digital Twins.

Show properties by handing the controls over to your client.

An app to show a stunning digital replica of real estate with an incredible, near unlimited level of detail.

The sky is the limit.

Inspirational Interiors.

Going far beyond traditional 'renders', our fully furnished interiors are designed to be dynamic.

Stir the imagination with beautifuly combined sets or guide the client through real-time customization of floors, fittings & colours. Or both.

Daytime, Nighttime, Any time.

Geo-located, accurate simulations show how the sun affects interior and exterior.

See at what hours you will have sun on your terrace. In real time. For any day of the year.

Shops, Schools and Services.

By highlighting hand-picked facilities nearby, we can subtley add to the exclusive benefits of the locations.

Completely integrated in the larger 3D city scape in smooth, animated motion.

Looking good amazing.

Our unique approach allows us to combine accurate map data from several sources into one product.

Switch between photo tiles and block mockups on the fly.

use cases

Pick your format

Want to use huge screens on location in the marketing suite? Sure.

Prefer to let the client explore using their phone remotely? Absolutely.

Need video walk-throughs for your website? It's done.

Something else? Most likely, yes.

for a brilliant marketing suite

giant screen, local installation

easy, multifunctional, in-store

for use by clients & agents

or available anywhere

on any device

add easy high-res video

supporting creative media-centric web design

virtual tour 360°

think Matterport, but for off-plan projects


For the curious, impatient and the detail-oriented. Here's a list of the main features of our real-estate app.

I want to see more.

Read the page from start to finish? Seen the vision video(s)? Curious for more?

Perhaps it's time to set up a demo.

Digital Twins for Real Estate: a Feature List

  • General

    A Digital Twin of the whole building, directly based on the architectual plans
    Smooth, fluid, all-3D touch interface
    Responsive design for use on any format, from large displays to mobile phone
    Extendable with Virtual Reality solutions
    Gestrure-based controls for viewing through the window**

  • Unit Selector

    All units have walkthrough, can be seen from the inside and explored
    Search and filter units based on standard or customized requirements:
    (price, surface area, rooms, orientation, planned completion date, amenities & more)
    X-Ray view for easy selection and viewing of units that meet requirements
    Individual floorplans for each unit
    Animated cross-section shows layout in relation to the building

  • Inside

    Customize flooring, fittings, kitchens, with results shown in real time
    (selected) fully furninshed interiors
    Furnishing in cooperation with the architect
    Use VR for live real-time furnishing (like in a 'doll house')
    Includes gallery for video/images/description for each unit

  • Time-of-day

    Real-time sunlight simulation
    Set the time and see how the sun affects any apartment
    Set the date and see how sunlight varies through the year

  • Buildings

    Supports multiple building for large-scale projects
    Filter on completion dates to meet buyer requirement
    Hide/Show buildings on the fly
    Hop between building for easy navigation

  • Amenities

    List amenities and benefits by category
    Amenities have walkthrough and interior view
    Filter, search & explore
    Localization on 3D map
    Includes gallery for video/images/description

  • Nearby

    Hand-picked highlights of benefits nearby
    Customizable categories that can be filtered (shops, restaurants, schools, etc)
    Transport options showingroutes through the city
    Show only what's relevant for the client

  • City Scape

    City-scale 3D environment
    Selected and filterable highlights
    Several view modes, switched in real-time:
    - Block view
    - Simulated view
    - Google Earth Photorealistic view
    - X-Ray view

  • Video & Render

    Include pre-made video for external use
    One-stop-shop for all graphics material for a consistent look throughout the project
    Live export of customized apartment for the client to take home
    360° experience with custom giveaway gadget

  • Data connection

    Integrated to (E)RP
    Real-time updates in price & availalability
    Categorise Available/Sold/Under Offer
    Centralized unit descriptions

  • Remote Showing

    Cloud-based Dual-Control mode: Client and Sales use the app together
    Virtual Tour 360°, like Matterport but for off-plan projects **

  • Checkout

    Customizable checkout process
    Send walkthough video with selected fittings
    Send description, listing details, selected fittings & amenities

  • Idle Mode

    Continuous fluid fly-through with automatic re-set
    Take control at any time without hitch

  • Language

    Fully multi-lingual. Compatible with any number of languages.

**this feature is still in active development