who we are.

Virtuality (VTY for short) is an innovative startup founded in 2017 in Milan, Italy.

Born from the intuition that interactive 3D will be disruptive in everything digital.

Today, we have branches in Italy and UK.

We can count several multinationals in retail, manufacturing, logistics and real-estate as our clients.







Interactive Visualisation - A world of opportunities.

Real-time Virtual Environments are putting the way of proposing products and services in its head.

Over the next five to ten years, Digital Twins will grow from the relative niche technology it is today to become one of the main formats for computer  interaction – not unlike how our use of mobile phones changed in the first decade of the century.

A static video (commercial) will feel old and outdated. People will have the expectation to interact and discover in real time, and in 3D.

our vision.

Our ambition is to gamify the customer experience with interactive visualisation.

To create virtual worlds that enable people to discover, enjoy, learn and be inspired in new and novel ways.

our mission.

Making it effortless to use the many possibilities of interative visualisation in their activities. 

Using cutting edge tech, a full-service approach and ready-to-use packaged products, we remove obstacles for ambitious, forward looking companies to bring the furture of visualisation to their business.

In the Media.

Granted, the below interview is in Italian, so it’s not for everyone. But if you want to hear us talk about Virtuality (SRL) and our products, you have time to spare and you speak the language: Have a look!

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Digital Twins for Retail: Main Features

  • General

    A Digital Twin of the product or product range, based on the original designs
    Smooth, fluid, all-3D touch interface
    Responsive design for use on any format, from large displays to mobile phone
    Extendable with Virtual Reality solutions
    Gesture-based controls for viewing through the window**

  • Advanced Variant Manager

    Show a range / collection of items and let the client select the favorite(s)
    Customize items by adjusting materials, colors & details to your heart's desire
    Allow upselling with additional options, highlighting option benefits at every step
    Filter, search & explore options, features & amenities
    Show option pricing & details in dedicated screen
    Filter on availability

  • Part Selector

    Select individual items or (sub)assemblies to get a closer look
    Automated 'closer look' camera, zooming to selected item(s) based on size & positioning
    X-Ray mode for easy viewing of hidden parts or inside workings
    Isolate (sub)assemblies by setting the rest to X-Ray view
    Search and filter units/parts based on standard or customized requirements
    Animated cross-section view
    Customizable item detail section containing photos, video & descriptive text

  • Movement & Simulation

    Real-time simulation of moving parts
    Ability to 'slow down time' to study fast-moving parts in slow motion
    Set repeat movments of specials
    Real-time simulation of clothing & hair movement for fashion projects

  • Video & Render

    Include pre-made video for external use
    One-stop-shop for all graphics material for a consistent look throughout the project
    Live export of customized apartment for the client to take home
    360° experience with custom giveaway gadget

  • Data & connection

    Possible to integrate to (E)RP
    Real-time updates in price & availalability
    Categorise Available/Sold/Under Offer where relevant
    Centralized unit descriptions

  • Remote Showing

    Cloud-based Dual-Control mode: Client and Sales use the app together
    Easy integration into any existing website

  • Checkout

    Customizable checkout process
    Option to send video with selected variant(s)
    Send description, listing details, selected variants

  • Idle Mode

    Continuous fluid fly-through with automatic re-set
    Take control at any time without hitch

  • Language

    Fully multi-lingual. Compatible with any number of languages.

**this feature is still in active development