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Virtualty Srl

Founded in October 2017 in Milan, Italy, Virtuality is a high-tech startup that builds customized, hyper-realistic Virtual Reality experiences, easy-to-use 360° clips and high-grade rendered videos. We are recognized by the Italian government as “Innovative Start-up” (startup innovativa), easing our path to grow. 

Our Vision

Remove the boundaries of reality

We create virtual worlds to enable people to discover, enjoy, learn and be inspired in new and novel ways.

Maja Vuckovic


Riccardo Lucenti

Business Development

Our Mission

Making it easy for companies and people to use the many possibilities of next generation visualization in their activities. 

Over the next five to ten years, Virtual Reality will grow from the relative niche technology it is today to become one of the main formats for computer  interaction – not unlike how our use of mobile phones changed from the beginning of the century to today.

By using the latest technologies, a full-service approach and packaged products, we create experiences that vary from professional training to real estate development, from extreme sports trials to interior design. 

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