What We Do​

Virtual Environments

Virtuality develops and delivers Virtual Environments with unprecedented levels of realism. 

Realism for us is not just about getting the right look, but it’s about all the elements that make a place feel real. Used with a Virtual Reality headset, our creations instantly teleport your customers to the world you want to show them. We focus on full immersion and interaction – you will hear the birds singing on your terrace, you will open doors, drawers and closets, control robots and machinery, or steer your delta-wing over the glacier. The possibilities are endless – it’s up to you what you want create

Next Generation Visualization - Live and Feel

Real-time Virtual Environments are changing the way of proposing products and services. Driven by technological advances, we are no longer limited to fixed renders, short films  or pictures on a website.

A virtual place can be shown live, on your laptop or phone, or with a VR headset, and the user can move around and interact with objects and the surroundings. We move from imagining something, to living and feeling it.

Fields of Application

The most immediate applications of what we do are connected to real estate, interior and industrial design.

Virtual Environments are a powerful tool in many other – sometimes surprising – fields. We are developing inroads in education, travel (pick your holiday hotel!) and (online) shopping. Displaying complex machinery and creating interactive trainings for their use of are the latest evolution.

One platform, multi-channel use

The Virtual Environments we create are by design extremely versatile. They are developed from the ground up to be deployed in a number of different products and distribution channels – ranging from fully immersive Virtual Reality to 3D navigation accessible directly from the browser.

This flexibility has shown to be a major benefit, lowering the bar for our clients to invest while opening up a wide range of possible applications for differentiated audiences. As a result, most of our customers to date have chosen to combine at two or more of our products in one project