True VR

Immersive Virtual Reality

When experienced in VR, our Virtual Environments can be enjoyed in total immersion.  Surely, our unprecedented level of realism is most impressive in this multi-sensory experience.

You will notice how amazingly real it feels when, standing next to a couch, you will have the urge to sit down. Decorate you apartment, practice operating machinery, or just walk around and inspect the details – the possibilities are endless. 

How does it work?

With our experiences you wear a mask and use two controllers as hands. Thanks to integrated gyroscopes, accelerometers and several ‘trackers’ we can create the illusion of being immersed in the environment. The technology of VR is still new and under heavy development: for now you are connected to wire – something that will soon disappear.

You can get around in a larger space by ‘teleporting’ or grabbing a sphere of your destination. 


6 degrees of freedom

Sometimes confused with other products, our virtual reality has the ‘full six degrees of freedom’, unlike for example 360 video where you can look in all directions but do now have the possibility to move around, look inside and under objects et cetera. 

With your controllers you can interact with your environment


AR vs. VR vs. XR

Unlike the viewers that are used in Augmented Reality (AR) applications, those for Virtual Reality are closed at the front.

This indicates one of the main differences between virtual reality and augmented reality: while the latter adds virtual elements and projects them on top of the real environment, those for virtual reality recreate a scene in its entirety.

Some use the term XR to indicate the collection of possibilities combined. Considering the many similarities in the underlying technologies many believe that eventually the variations will merge into one product.