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Digital Twins: Real Estate

A Digital Twin can become more than the sum of its parts

We focus on emotion and stopping power with fully dynamic, interactive Real Estate with near limitless detail. Explore using a browser on laptop, tablet or phone – or even through a windowfront with touch-free controls!

Digital Twins: Retail

The beauty of virtual products is that they can be as large or small as you desire. Zoom in on the smallest details of this watch and find out how this elobarate mechanism works

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La Grignetta Café

Serving as a showcase of how high-detail elements can be used in real-time Virtual Environments, “La Grignetta Café” combines warm interior, glass and wood furnishings with detailed furniture and many lighting elements

Like all our environments, it is suitable both for use in VR and streaming 3D


Innovation Factory

Un'elaborata ristrutturazione di un classico edificio industriale. L'accento è posta sugli elementi high-tech e su scelte d'arredo originali.

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Logistics in motion

Interactive VR showing new warehousing concepts an an impressive trucking yard in the mountains.

Designed to create a pleasant and fascinating experience on (logistics) fairs all over Europe, this project is guaranteed to give all players a kick!

Turbines in Taranto​

Showing the impact on the views and environement, for this project  we created a virtual version of the coastline in Taranto, Italy, and allowed participants to experience the scale of 100m tall wind turbines.

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