3D on any device

The web, as you've never seen it before

Open a world of possibilities, by enabling a groundbreaking realtime 3D environment that can be experienced on mobile phone or any browser.

This is much more than picture or a pre-rendered movie or animation; what we offer are photo-realistic, fully interactive spaces that can be used to showcase designs, display articles or customize products. And since everything is shown in 3D, just as in the real world, the web becomes more immersive and convincing than ever. 

Sales & marketing, reinvented

E-Commerce diminishes the experience a customer can have with products: Just listing pictures of articles can feel ‘cold’ and uninspiring. We can enhance the online shopping by creating a hybrid between e-commerce and the traditional showroom, going beyond the article-centric web-store (the ‘list of articles’ and descriptions we’re all used to) to offer a fully immersive experience.

Imagine a furniture shop online: The dining table on offer can be placed in a beautiful living room, together with dining chairs, candles, a dining set with plates, glasses, cutlery.. And with the click of a mouse, the table can be changed to a different size or model. The customer can walk around the room and look at the articles from all sides, or move to a different room to get inspiration on alternatives. 

It’s combining the very real benefits of the physical store with those of the online one: The possibility to move around in a space, study the objects for sale, look at the same object in different colors or with different materials, with nothing ever ‘out of stock’  (for viewing, at least). The decorations, of course, can also be for sale – creating cross-selling potential.

Endless possibilities

From creating a perspective of a house yet to be built to supporting the architect with refurbishing an interior, from buying an apartment to designing an office, our real-time visualizations help in making the right choices or communicating to your audience.

  • The basic, and perhaps most fundamental, use of our products is to inspire, by visualizing designs of interiors and architecture. But you’re not standing inside a photo, this is a very interactive environment: you can open the doors, look inside the cupboards, re-arrange the table.. you can play and interact with the items.
  • Moving beyond a static setup, we can allow the customer to make changes: Try the couch with different materials, adjust the color of the walls or the cupboard. We can show a selection of ‘presets’ combining several variations to stimulate the imagination, or customize everything.. or maybe both?
  • But we can go much further than simple variations! Move the furniture around, change the models, add accessories and decorations. Eventually you can create your own completely personalized room, starting from an pre-designed inspiration or from scratch.

The highest quality 3D, streamed straight to your browser

Welcome to the world of streaming 3D, anywhere, anytime (as long as there is internet). Never before has it been possible to show and navigate a 3 dimensional environment without compromises directly, without the need to install or download any program.

The application runs on a centralized computer system so that the computationally intensive 3D graphics calculations don’t have to be performed on user’s laptop or phone. This way it becomes possible to go much, much further than the traditional animated gif or animation to simulate 3D objects. We can show complex scenes at high resolutions, using rendering features that are used to be possible only when rendering in a native desktop application with powerful hardware.