Videos & Renders

Completing the offer

While the 3D streaming and VR are amazing experiences, sometimes what you need is just a video that can be watched on your website or in a presentation. Or maybe you need your designs in print for distribution or advertisement.

No matter the reason. One of the significant benefits of our approach is that creating ‘simple’ outputs like video and stills are a breeze. As long as the Digital Twin is created, we can output exactly the images (moving or not) you desire.

In other words: put together with our other products, renders can be added to make one compelling package. You get to use all our new technologies without losing out on the traditional products. 

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La Grignetta Café

Serving as a showcase of how high-detail elements can be used in real-time Virtual Environments, “La Grignetta Café” combines warm interior, glass and wood furnishings with detailed furniture and many lighting elements

Like all our environments, it is suitable both for use in VR and streaming 3D


Turbines in Taranto​

Showing the impact on the views and environement, for this project  we created a virtual version of the coastline in Taranto, Italy, and allowed participants to experience the scale of 100m tall wind turbines.

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