VR 360°​ Video

Our Virtual Reality Videos are an easy and cheap way to experience the virtual environment without the use of powerful hardware and specialized immersive VR glasses.

Based on the 3D environment of your product, we create a video that is projected 360º around you. 

The aim with this solution is to reach a larger audience without the cost becoming prohibitive. Though not interactive or immersive as True VR, they make an excellent gadget you can hand out to clients when paired with your customized Cardboard VR. 

Cardboard VR

Based on an original idea by Google, Cardboard VR is a compact, fold-able structure with two built-in lenses. You put your phone (Android or IPhone) inside and directly watch our VR Videos on the YouTube app – no separate software required!

We personalize the Cardboard VR with your branding and publish the VR Video. A QR-Code on the box takes the user directly to the video. It’s guaranteed fun and will keep your clients’ attention long after they leave. 

How to use a VR Video

Best enjoyed with a basic VR headset (e.g. Google Cardboard / Daydream, Samsung Gear, etc), the stereoscopic effect Stereoscopic images (the images for the left and right eye are different because of parallax) make you experience depth in the image. will create a sense of ‘depth’ in the experience.

However, with just a mobile phone or even a regular browser you can actively look around in all directions to enjoy the details of the environment. This makes viewing 360º videos an interesting and interactive experience.

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Degrees of Freedom (DoF)

Virtual Reality Video, while an easy (and cheap) way to experience VR, differs in one crucial way from True VR: The  first offers 3 DoF, while the second offers 6 DoF. Essentially, the three degrees of freedom allow you to change Pitch, (look up/down), Yaw (look left/right) and Roll (tilt your your head sideways). It does not, however, allow you to move in any direction. This is for two reasons:

  1. The movement is not tracked, i.e. you device doesn’t know what your position is of how it’s changing
  2. The video is pre-rendered. To move around, your perspective would have to change, and that data is not available in the video

That does’t mean that a VR Video can not be a pretty amazing and interactive experience though. You have to watch in all directions not to miss anything. Compared to watching a flat (tv) screen, it’s a big step up!