Digital Twin: Real Estate

Show buildings, surroundings and interiors

Simply place a screen at your sales locations. An easy to use and smooth touch screen interface allows your customers to freely study the project, fully embedded in the existing city scape.


A Digital Twin: The novel way to show designs

Move around, zoom in, explore the details of the building and the environment that it is placed in.

Come Inside

After exploring the outside, select an apartment and study the possibilities:

  • Filter your options based on size, facilities, price and availability
  • Enter and visit the apartment. Let the customer look around freely
  • Show materials, interior designs and furnishing choices to the smallest detail

We can show the apartments empty, but also fully furnished. The choice is yours.

City-Scale Context

The characteristics of the surroundings create important context: Dining, shopping, public transport and more can be explored directly in the application.


Explore Anywhere

From phone to large displays, our software runs anywhere

Directly access the environment, using rendering “in the cloud”

Simply send a link and let the client explore, or see what he sees and interact together


Expand With VR

Our projects are built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with hyper-realistic Virtual Reality

Let customers explore their new home with an immersion only VR can offer – as if they were really there. Learn more about VR <qui>