Renovating a factory​​

Electrolux Innovation Factory

In a push to give new life to their older real estate, Electrolux was in the process of renovating one of their factory buildings. While they wanted to show the new designs to interested parties, the works had not yet finished.

With our help, a Virtual building was created, complete with interior and detailed furnishing. It was used as a showcase for their “Innovation Factory” concept that included automated appliances, robots and a functioning ping-pong table!

Fully exploiting the possibilities of Virtual Reality, Electrolux opted to use a variety of products packaged together:

  • Regular video, accessible by anyone, published on the project website to inspire online visitors
  • Stereoscopic 360° video combined with customized ‘Google Cardboard‘ to be given as a gadget to a limited audience 
  • Fully immersive Virtual Reality experience, presented live during the the inauguration event of the building
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Adding to an evening full of activities, Virtuality made the official opening event of the Electrolux Innovation Factory that much more interesting by showing the building in VR while being in the real building. It caused curious reactions, with people investigating the differences the between the architects’ plans and the visible results.

Here’s a little video of the event, so you can get an idea of what it was like.

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