Challenging the Architect​​

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When investing heavily in an expansion and refurbishment of their home in the French mountains, the owner had many questions about the design.

Architects are used to looking at drawings and layouts and know the impact of choices. For most of us, drawings and renders are not enough to clearly understand the dimension of spaces or the effect of materials, colors and furnishings.

We generated a virtual building identical to the architect’s design. The client had the opportunity to walk around in the still non-existent structure – and was able to decide in real time on structural and aesthetic details, both inside and outside the building. 

No Bad Surprises - Everything can be personalized

To make the environment “yours”, you can choose the height of the ceilings, the size of the garage, the layout of the kitchen or any wall. This will help you both in deciding structural aspects such as the configuration of the electrical system, and more aesthetic, such as furniture to be purchased and where to place them.

We have an ever expanding database of hyper-realistic materials that allow for endless customization: by pressing just one button it is possible to modify the chosen tile, the color of a wall, or the shape of the parquet strip.

To allow great flexibility and choice, we have a furniture database that allows the customer to easily test how big the table can be, to try different models for the sofa will have or to try out where the lamps will project light.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: through virtual environments the chances of unpleasant surprises are eliminated. Costly modifications during construction are avoided. Every detail that will be delivered by the builder or architect will have already been checked and approved by you!

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