Choosing your apartment​​​

Picking the right place to live

Selecting your new home is one of the most important choices of your life. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool available that allows you to walk around the house, even before it is built?

When designing a new apartment building in Milan, many options were open: walls could be moved, sections could be split or merged, even the size of the different apartments was not set.

We set out to create hyper-realistic versions of various layouts, so that the clients could walk around, measure their steps, look out the window.. get a real feeling of familiarity with the place they were considering to buy. In some cases this could make a client with a small wallet more secure that their smaller apartment was still big enough. In another case it convinced someone to actually buy a second place and merge them into one!

High-definition Video

E-Commerce diminishes the experience a customer can have with products: Just listing pictures of articles can feel ‘cold’ and uninspiring. We can enhance the online shopping by creating a hybrid between e-commerce and the traditional showroom, going beyond the article-centric web-store (the ‘list of articles’ and descriptions we’re all used to) to offer a fully immersive experience.

Imagine a furniture shop online: The dining table on offer can be placed in a beautiful living room, together with dining chairs, candles, a dining set with plates, glasses, cutlery.. And with the click of a mouse, the table can be changed to a different size or model. The customer can walk around the room and look at the articles from all sides, or move to a different room to get inspiration on alternatives. 

It’s combining the very real benefits of the physical store with those of the online one: The possibility to move around in a space, study the objects for sale, look at the same object in different colors or with different materials, with nothing ever ‘out of stock’  (for viewing, at least). The decorations, of course, can also be for sale – creating cross-selling potential.

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True VR

To enjoy the most of our products there is nothing like the real Virtual Reality experience. Putting on the VR headset instantly puts you the middle of our creation where you can freely walk around and admire the design, the layout and the architecture. 

We want to ensure a care-free experience, so we take a full service approach. This means we bring everything that’s needed for VR – all you have to do is make some space:

  • A VR Headset, complete with tracking sensors, controllers and cables (a wireless version will be available soon)
  • The computer hardware. For Virtual Reality the hardware requirements are quite high-end and very specific 
  • A crew of two will set things up and guide the experience for each user
For more permanent setups, we are happy to provide guidance on the hardware, the usage and the installation. 
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